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Adriaan van der Have giving the green light
to design Terry Rodgers’ second book.
smel design and strategy
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YiPArt Photo Auction 2015


SAVE THE DATE for Sunday 18th of October: the seventh edition of the YiPArt Photo Auction.  Thanks to the generous donation of many photographers, Jop Ubbens is able to auction over 80 amazing photo’s in Christie’s Amsterdam. A sneak preview of de artworks on auction can be viewed on the YiPArt Instagram and Pinterest page. Smel is currently working on the campaign for YiPArt Photo auction 2015 Amsterdam, which is also the largest photography auction in the Netherlands.

SMEL featured in CITIx60 City Guides


60 local creatives bring you the best of the city Amsterdam. A unique collaboration with local creatives from selected cities, CITIx60 Amsterdam guide points you to 60 hangouts loved by 60 stars of the cities’ creative scene, covering architecture, art spaces, shops and markets, eating and entertainment. All featured artists and designers are at the cutting edge of what’s on and when, and known for their accomplishments in fields across advertising, architecture and graphics, fashion, industry and food, music and publishing. Smel is one of the 60 creatives featured in the guide, their tip: restaurant REM eiland, Amsterdam! CITIx60 City Guides: Amsterdam / Los Angeles / Hong Kong Publisher: Victionary, Hong Kong
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