Les garcons de Smel*

A note written by Cornelie Tollens
referring to Edgar and Carlo from Smel.
smel design and strategy
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Smel is currently working together with photographer Morad Bouchakour on the design and editing for Bye Bye Portfolio. Bye Bye Portfolio is based on Bouchakour's latest handmade portfolio in 2008, a smooth assembly, in which the hierarchy of commissioned and free work is lost, Bye Bye Portfolio takes the viewer along include intimate portraits of Mennonites in Mexico, American Indians, dynamic street photography in New york and opinionated portraits of Dutch and international celebrities. The book is designed by Smel and Morad bouchakour. More news will follow soon ...



Odd Pearls is an adventurous collaboration between composer/trumpeter Diederik Rijpstra, Judith Steenbrink (violin) and Tineke Steenbrink (organ). Smel developed the visual identity and also blended images from the musicians which led to illustrious, yet beautiful new characters. 
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