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Adriaan van der Have giving the green light
to design Terry Rodgers’ second book.
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Red Bull Studios x Playrooms


Red Bull Studios brings PLAYROOMS Amsterdam during the Amsterdam Dance Event. While Red Bull PLAYROOMS is a tribute brought to the history of the Dutch club culture. This unique event aims to once again experience the sound and atmosphere of 'back in the days "with a number of Dutch and international heroes from the dance scene and in a very special way: to follow redbullstudios.com/playrooms of the windows on the Red Light District and live at home. The DJ's will run sets for two hours behind four windows in the Red Light Disctrict in Amsterdam. Smel together with Red Bull developed a new visual identity that was implemented in various communication expressions such as banners, Facebook and posters.



Smel is currently working on the identity of the new trendy restaurant Florent in Utrecht. Restaurant Florent is an initiative of Lamber van Dam and Thomas Haukes. Enjoy the French cuisine and artistic musings in stylish surroundings. In addition to the word mark to develop a distinctive and surprising imagery Smel sought collaboration with French artist and tattoo artist Dit Cheyenne. The result is mysterious and innovative. More news will follow soon ...
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