With a few clicks to Vakkaru Maldives

OT design brings interior projects from drawing board to turnkey delivery, whether it be a restaurant in the Amsterdam Vondelpark or a 5-star luxury resort in the Maldives. We developed the website and organized photo shoots in OT Design studios in the Netherlands and Indonesia.

Corporate story

Our challenge was to create a website with what makes OT design so unique, specific specialists and furniture makers from two completely different continents: Europe and Asia.

In our analysis of the existing website, we missed experience because mainly computer renderings were shown. We proposed to create a corporate story by organizing photo shoots with the teams and realized projects and clear explanations of the core activities.

Breathtaking resorts like the Vakkaru in the Maldives to the entire team of professionals in Indonesia.

Image driven

The website is image-driven, where you can quickly scroll through the interior projects and get to know the studio in the Netherlands and production studio in Indonesia. Characteristics are the clear visual language and the use of much photography. With the cms, the content can easily be changed and kept up-to-date in a fully responsive design.

OT Design
Wouter Jansen
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